If you’ve no time for packing for an upcoming trip and can never decide what to pack or how to do it, stay calm! I’m an excellent packer. You’ll be advised on what to pack in the most practical yet stylish manner, preparing for every event/occasion on your trip.

Price: $250 (3 hour booking)


How It Works:

1. Consultation (1 hour)

  • You’ll be given a thorough questionnaire to fill out about your style choices, brand preferences, style goals and personal style. We’ll determine your body shape, personal style and best colour groups to enhance and complement your skin, eyes and hair colour.

  • You’ll meet in person (or via Skype) with the stylist. Your travel plans and destinations will be discussed, along with your travel style objectives and your other goals.


2. Advice

  • You and the stylist will conduct a thorough sort-through of your current wardrobe.

  • The stylist will check that your wardrobe has appropriate attire for your trip and determine if you need to purchase key clothing pieces or other complementary clothing items or accessories.

  • You will learn what styles and accessories will suit your body shape and complexion as your best options specifically for the reason and location of your trip.


3. Packing Session (2 Hours)

  • The stylist will pack for you from your wardrobe, integrating your most versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched in a variety of circumstances.


4. Benefits of choosing this package

  • Great if you have a track record of not thinking through the most appropriate outfits for a resort holiday, overseas conference or trip and only realising it when it’s too late.

  • Perfect because you won’t need to do the thinking for unfamiliar climates, or unfamiliar culturally appropriate headwear, footwear or dress style.

  • Perfect if you usually sit on your suitcase in desperation or pack more than you have to.

  • Great when you’re ready to learn outfit versatility for all your future trips, packing light and packing right like those in the airline industry.