Have you ever turned up to a wedding, the races, a birthday party or special event and wished you’d chosen an outfit longer, shorter, frillier or just not so revealing? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to just ‘get it right’. Do you find yourself stressing about what to wear, instead of looking forward to special events?  Relax and let the stylist take the stress out of outfit preparation. 

Price: $260 (3 hour BOOKING)


How It Works:

1. Consultation ( 1 Hour)

  • You’ll be given a thorough questionnaire to fill out about your style choices, brand preferences, style goals and personal style. We will determine your body shape, personal style and best colour groups to enhance and complement your skin, eyes and hair colour.

  • You’ll meet in person (or via Skype) with the stylist and delve into the best options for particular events you have in mind.


2. Advice

  • With the stylist you’ll explore your personal style, current trends, budget, event location and circumstances. Together we’ll explore best outfit options and accessories to best suit your body shape and complexion.

  • The stylist will advise you on stores that work well for your style goals and introduce you to new brands within your budget.


3. Shopping session (2 Hours)

  • Upon arrival your stylist has already researched and selected garments tailored to your specific goals and pre-determined budget.

  • The stylist will photograph each look so you can easily remember how to style each outfit.

  • The stylist will help you find great clothing items for your upcoming events that help you look amazing.

  • You’ll be advised on pieces to mix and match and which accessories and shoes to put together to make great outfits.

  • This customised shopping session will be relaxed and enjoyable and aims to help you choose items that make you look your best.

  • You and the stylist will shop for clothing items in stores specifically chosen to suit your body shape and style goals that integrate well with your new and improved wardrobe.


4. Benefits of this package

  • Perfect if you need help creating a memorable first impression at an event.

  • Great if you need a great outfit but require it to be comfortable the whole night long but need assistance choosing to get the balance right.