Would you like to be judged more competently at your job or ensure you’re dressed appropriately for your workplace? New job or interview approaching and you don’t ? Would you like to market yourself through your clothing to attract your most desirable clients? If you want your corporate wardrobe to represent you professionally and leave a positive impression, this is the perfect package for you.

Price: $500 (5-6 hour booking)


How It Works:

1. Consultation (1 Hour)

  • You’ll be given a thorough questionnaire to determine your corporate image goals, body shape, colour preferences and how to dress professionally for your profession and industry.

  • The stylist will consult with you at your home (or via Skype) to discuss questionnaire results as well as discuss your budget, timeframes, upcoming events, conferences or interviews and other related issues.

  • The stylist will also determine your body shape, personal style and the best colour groups to enhance and complement your skin, eyes and hair colour.


2. Advice

  • You and the stylist will conduct a thorough sort-through of your current wardrobe.

  • The stylist will check your wardrobe has appropriate attire for your industry and determine if you need to purchase key clothing pieces or other complementary clothing items.

  • The stylist will advise on what style gaps are evident in your current wardrobe and measure for best fitting suits, clothes and accessories suitable for your profession.


3. Shopping session (2-3 Hours)

  • You and the stylist will shop in stores specifically selected for clothing items that suit your body shape, style goals and will integrate well with your new and improved wardrobe.

  • Upon arrival your stylist has already researched and selected garments tailored to your specific goals and pre-determined budget.

  • This customised shopping session will be relaxed and enjoyable and aim to help you choose items that make you look your best.

  • The stylist will photograph each look so you can easily remember how to style each outfit.

  • You’ll be introduced to new brands within your budget for your new corporate wardrobe.

  • You’ll be advised on key pieces or supporting clothes items to take your image to a new and improved level.


4. Post shopping wardrobe integration (2 hours)

  • The stylist will ensure your purchased pieces integrate well with your style goals.

  • You’ll be advised which clothing items to put together for maximum impact.

  • You’ll be shown how to mix and match items to get the most wear out of them.

  • You’ll be shown ways to transform your workwear from day into night.

  • Your corporate outfits will be sorted into daily wear, events, meetings and conferences, your shoes, accessories and ties will be matched to the right corporate outfits.


5. Benefits of choosing this package

  • Great when you’re newly back into the workforce after a break or a baby.

  • Great when you’re motivated to improve your appearance for work.

  • Perfect if you’re not confident to make great clothing choices on your own or if you’re time-poor.

  • Great if you’re going for your first interview and need help perfecting your professional image.

  • Perfect if you want to stand out from your colleagues when going for a promotion.