Is your wardrobe in desperate need for an expert to declutter, reorganise and advise on what outfits to put together? Do you want to feel amazing as well as organised?

Price: $350 (4 hour booking)


How It Works:

1. Consultation ( 1 Hour)

  • You’ll be given a thorough questionnaire to determine your main styling struggles and particular wardrobe issues. We will determine your body shape, your personal style and the best colour groups to enhance and complement your skin, eyes and hair colour.

  • You’ll meet with the stylist at your home to discuss your lifestyle, wardrobe and style goals.


2. Advice

  • Together you’ll delve into your wardrobe beyond the Wardrobe Refresh package. You’ll be professionally fitted to determine your body type and best options to accentuate your shape, best features and complexion.

  • The stylist will sort through your wardrobe to determine which key pieces you own that you can build great outfits from.

  • The stylist will determine which clothing items are missing from your wardrobe that would be great to purchase add complement some key looks.

  • You’ll be advised what styles and clothes to look for when you shop in the future if you’re not with the stylist.


3. Shopping session (3 Hours)

  • You’ll shop with the stylist for key pieces to build your repertoire of outfits and as well as shop for the clothing items you don’t have in your wardrobe to complement your key wardrobe pieces.

  • Upon arrival your stylist has already researched and selected garments tailored to your specific goals and pre-determined budget.

  • This customised shopping session will be relaxed and enjoyable and aim to help you choose items that make you look your best.

  • The stylist will photograph each look so you can easily remember how to style each outfit.


4. Benefits of this package

  • Perfect if your wardrobe needs sorting into seasons, work or event wear grouped together for easy wearability.

  • Great if you need advice on accessories and shoes to match your style goals.

  • Great if you’re ready to buy a few clothing items or outfits but don’t know what exactly to purchase.

  • Great if you need assistance to get your wardrobe really organised or if you’re time-poor to do it yourself.

  • Great if you need help with both identifying your personal style and how to shop smartly for looks that best enhance your image for every occasion.