Is your wardrobe filled with great clothing pieces but you can’t pull an amazing outfit together? Is your wardrobe filled with dresses worn just once or twice?

Price: $250 (3 hour booking)


How It Works:

1. Consultation (1 Hour)

  • You’ll be given a thorough questionnaire to determine your main styling struggles and particular wardrobe issues. We will determine your body shape, your personal style and the best colour groups to enhance and complement your skin, eyes and hair colour. 

  • You’ll meet with the stylist in person (or via Skype) for a consultation about your lifestyle and style goals.


2. Advice (2 hours)

  • The stylist will go through your wardrobe with you and determine if you have clothing items that can be your key pieces and form the basis of lots of outfits to mix and match or build a solid wardrobe of outfits from. 

  • You’ll be professionally fitted to determine your body type and best options to accentuate your shape and best features and complexion.

  • The stylist will seek out your timeless or stylish clothing pieces and advise which items may need alterations to be more wearable or which could be simply discarded*. 

  • You’ll be offered qualified suggestions for outfit combinations, best accessories or shoes to match outfits to help you look and feel amazing and save you time and money in the future. 

  • The stylist will photograph each look so you can easily remember how to style each outfit.


3. Benefits of this package

  • The perfect package when your wardrobe is already full of great clothes but you don't know how to put outfits together. 

  • Great if you’re not planning on shopping for more clothes but need ideas to create new outfits and looks with existing garments.  

  • Perfect if you’re time-poor and need quick outfit mix and match ideas. 

  • Great if you have an event, meeting or conference coming up but just need advice for wearing your own clothes that will suit your body shape and enhance your best features.

  • Great if you need advice on clothing storage and clothing organisation so everything is practical and neat.


* Anything you decide to discard can be donated to ‘Dress for Success Charity, or a charity of your choice helping less fortunate dress well too.