This is where we’re at in 2017. We outsource what we’re not great at. Who wants to waste time grappling with our inadequacies when our time can be better spent? The same goes for personal styling. I have client meetings coming up and a city event so I got in touch with Shirin. The trouble with living on Sydney's Northern Beaches is we get lazy with our dress sense, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Enjoying working from home flexibility means an extensive wardrobe of sandal or flip-flop style shoes, shorts, t-shirts and caps. Easy breezy till we need to front up at something professional or stylish and then ...

Time to panic !!

Shirin lives and breaths current trends, custom styling and the clothing industry. After communicating via email, our style session begins with an online questionnaire about my wardrobe staples, brands of preference, budget and clothing colours of preference.

We met in Westfield Bondi and got straight into it. Thorough in her skills, she measures me from each angle, educating me about possible styles that work for my particular body shape. Starting in Zimmerman she expertly filled my dressing room with outfit options, some pushing my limits of what I’d dress myself in, in a good way, but all outfits thoughtfully selected to enhance my better body bits. So far the experience was positive, flattering and quite educational. I didn’t once feel self-conscience, remarkable when you consider I’d just met Shirin face to face.

The great thing about using a personal stylist when you’re not a great shopper is the priority shopping experience. Shirin flouncing into stores with measuring tape and notepad with a casual ‘just finding a few items for my client’ meant very attentive shop assistants willing to source sizes or colours from back of the shop. A big step up from than the usual “happy browsing?” (with a yawn).

Three hours and 3 or 4 stores flew by. I was not pressured to buy a single item, Shirin didn’t receive commission on sales. I bought a couple of less expensive pants and tops in a style I wouldn’t have confidence to buy alone. I would second-guessed myself size and style-wise, there’s always suspicion your ‘shopping wing-man’ brought along is telling you “ you look good” just to get home faster when you shop with a friend or loved one. Paying Shirin for her services I knew she has zero vested interest whether I buy outfits or not. I like that objectivity and see great value in getting her again.

Ultimately, Shirin was incredibly patient, her style knowledge and awareness of how positioning of a belt, collar, shirt tuck or necklace would change my entire look was incredible just on its own. Who knew a belt placed 2 inches higher or lower made such a difference? Those celebrities probably look like somebody’s Aunt Betsy without their stylists! Aha! 

Next time, I’d allocate myself a bigger budget and have more events in mind, like a wedding, Melbourne Cup and cocktail party and boom - leave it all to Shirin. It’s nice not having to think too much yet head home reassured I can represent the best version of myself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I say." - Emma. W Avalon