Styled_by_Shirin Personal Stylist

Be 'Styled by Shirin' and be part of the future of dressing well. 


From an early age Shirin has intrinsically understood the transformative power of clothes. As one of her many strengths it's the reason people turn to her for wardrobe makeovers and personal styling. 


Shirin is ‘all about empowering men and women to be their best self’ and not everyone knows how to use clothes to achieve this life goal. Working in various corporate environments Shirin noticed a pattern of issues emerge that she knew intuitively how to overcome. Workplace bullying, self-doubt, post-divorce dating or people being treated less professionally because they weren’t dressed well. Putting an outfit together to feel fantastic, professional or appropriate is second nature for Shirin and set her on a path to share these gifts with all who sought her advice.


Shirin cleverly masters the art of putting together the right outfit for certain body shapes. It boosts confidence and changes the way people perceive you


Who hasn’t felt a little cheekier wearing a baseball cap or sexier wearing high heels or a great hair blow-dry? It’s common for people to have a wardrobe full of clothes yet not know how to put an outfit together. Celebrities are no different, they’re human beings who work hard in acting, modelling or sport pursuits but they have personal stylists to dress them for maximum impact. Now you too can afford to dress for success. 


Originating from London with the city's eclectic mix of European influences, cultures and styles, Shirin has a rich bank of styling knowledge and years of experience. Her true calling lies in a genuine desire to help men and women discover their true style from within “I want to help people look past their imperfections or self-limiting beliefs. I can give them confidence discovering their own signature style”. She is sensitive in understanding that people have key times in their lives when they need a little extra confidence boost, coming out of a relationship, newly back on the dating circuit, carrying excess weight after childbirth or finding themselves in a brand new work industry, unfamiliar with dress nuances instrumental to job performance perception. Be honest, who hasn’t seen an ill-fitting suit on a real estate agent and thought - rookie?


Shirin firmly believes clothes mean more than mere shirts and dresses or shoes. “Putting the right outfit together gives the wearer courage to believe in themselves, take risks and tell a story through how they dress”. If you’re going for a work promotion or interview you want to demonstrate you’re confident and professional go-getter.  Clothes can overcome self-doubt or other limiting beliefs.

Putting the right outfit together gives the wearer courage to believe in themselves, take risks and tell a story through how they dress.


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